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The success of a floor manufactured by PORSLIM is guaranteed not only by the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the material but also by a combination of elements that represent a true flooring system, see adhesive layer, expansion joints, bed. The final result is also guaranteed by laying the material correctly.
You are always recommended to ensure the following:
To check the overall effect, it is necessary to lay a few pieces on the floor first, at least 3 square meters, taking the material from different boxes.
Do not soak the material in water before laying.
Knock the material to eliminate all cavities if you lay with the traditional system until all the liquid cement comes out of the grouting gaps.
When cutting, do not mark the top part to be laid with a pencil, especially on polished surfaces.
Finally, wait 48-72 hours before walking on the floor.

PORSLIM materials have a high level of cleanability thanks to their great compactness and an unbeatable waterproofing coefficient. This prerogative makes an important contribution in maintaining the hygiene conditions that are often requested and necessary.

After having completed all the various phases of laying there is one final operation: cleaning.
Appropriate cleaning that highlights the aesthetic qualities of the material laid and at the same time restores the level of cleanability that all PORSLIM materials have. This is a fundamental passage for guaranteeing simplicity and ease of cleaning as well as ordinary maintenance.
Acid base products must be used, rubbing hard with a rough cloth and then rinsing with lots of water.

Clean the floor with clean lukewarm water, adding detergents such as Emulsio Ceramica, Lysoform Casa, Aiax or Fila Cleaner diluted according to their instructions and using microfibre cloths.
On a textured surface the use of a rough cloth is recommended.
No special treatments are necessary.

Clean the floor with a rough cloth wet in lukewarm water and detergent such as Det Basico, Fila PS/87 for organic dirt (grease, oil, food). Det Acido or Deterdek for inorganic dirt, cement, limescale. When clean, rinse with clean lukewarm water. As an alternative, use a damp sponge or cloth and detergent such as Cif Gel Liquido (diluted or undiluted).
For very dirty areas and/or large rooms high-pressure cleaning machines may be used.

Any of the detergents currently on the market may be used, following diluting instructions, with exclusion of HYDROFLUORIC (HF) acid and its composites.

It is important to remember that PORSLIM materials are inspired by Nature and can therefore be treated in the same way as quarried products during cutting and processing operations.

It is necessary to use suitable, professional tools, always checking their cutting capacity and replacing worn parts when necessary.
For accurate cutting use a traditional cutter, checking the state of the cutting wheel before starting. For circular cutting, after having made a template (that is to say a pattern of the part to be cut), lay it on the part in question and transfer the shape with a pencil.
Using a diamond-cutting disk, cut without exerting excessive pressure.

It is necessary to use a water milling cutter or a continuous crown diamond-cutting disk for stoneware and granite tiles.
After having pencilled – on the back of the slab – the perimeter of a square within which the hole must be made, use the cutting tool to cut perpendicular and diagonal lines and then concentric circles towards the outside. When the central thickness of the hole has become very thin, turn the slab over and open up the hole by tapping lightly.
For holes in tiles a diamond points drill for granite must be used.
It is important to remember to cool the points often while working.

How a floor is laid is of great importance. A well-laid floor enhances all the aesthetic qualities of the material used.

1. Check that the bed (slab or concrete slab) is perfectly level, completely dry and smooth.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner to carefully remove dust and residues.

Thanks to the constant chromatic harmony of slabs produced by PORSLIM, dry laying can be avoided and still have the most correct and pleasing floor layout. After having chosen a suitable glue and having prepared it following the manufacturer’s instructions, spread the glue with a smooth spatula and then comb it with the tooth part.
For slabs larger than 16 cm2 and for heavy traffic floors, a double layer of glue is advisable. This means wetting the back of the slab itself with the glue. This procedure prevents the possible creation of holes that could cause breakage (see the difference between spreading and double spreading).
After about 24/48 hours you can proceed to grout. The laid floor must be cleaned carefully and then grouted all over its surface using a rubber spatula. It is advisable to use colours similar to the floor, in order to obtain a harmonious end result.

PORSLIM materials are also suitable for fairly refined processes. Exactly like quarried materials, they can be worked with the same criteria and methods.

Marble, stone and granite materials of PORSLIM are manufactured products and are produced exploiting modern and patented technologies. They are a valid alternative to marble, stone and granite actually taken from quarries.
The high manufacturing technologies of PORSLIM offer full body slabs of various sizes and finishing that meet the styles and requirements of architects and designers, who demand materials of superior technical performance without leaving the aesthetic factor aside.
Marble, stone and granite materials manufactured by PORSLIM are environment-friendly products, as demonstrated by the certificates obtained by the company.

It is a special mix of inorganic and non-metallic raw materials that are processed with a specific technology to obtain a completely vitrified product with high technical performance, capable of ensuring endless resistance to wear and tear in time. Porcelain stoneware is particularly interesting above all for slip proof applications. It also presents a considerable density that is obtained through firing at high temperatures to determine resistance to scratching and cracking.
The stone, marble and granite manufactured by PORSLIM combine supreme technical characteristics of porcelain stoneware with the unchanged beauty of quarry stone.
Since the porcelain stoneware is not glazed, its surface is free from the risk of wear and tear.

No. PORSLIM offers manufactured marble, stone and granite of high aesthetic and technical characteristics at extremely competitive prices.
A top quality porcelain product may currently be quite competitive compared to a glazed ceramic tile. When comparing the two products, you will notice the advantages of the materials of PORSLIM, such as the minimum thickness, consequently making them much lighter, their high resistance to abrasion, frost, stains and chemical agents.

Yes. Thanks to the technical characteristics in terms of waterproofing and laying facility, all the materials of PORSLIM are ideal for both cladding and flooring.
All products manufactured by PORSLIM are ideal for any type of public and/or private application from the most elegant rooms, to kitchens, bathrooms and public areas. You can indeed admire the slabs of PORSLIM on building faces and in various industrial and public applications. When covering walls, the perfect laying of the material is of utmost importance.

Yes. Thanks to their high technical characteristics in terms of resistance to atmospheric agents, such as frost and rain, the materials manufactured by PORSLIM are also ideal for exteriors, plus they remain perfectly bright and easy to clean in time.
The slabs manufactured by PORSLIM have no application limits, thanks to their hardness, resistance to absorption, fire, frost and chemical agents.

Yes. You can use the materials manufactured by PORSLIM even with floor heating, because they are resistant to high temperatures, which do not alter their technical performance.

No. The marble, stone and granite materials manufactured by PORSLIM contain neither adhesives nor solvents within their structure, since they are the outcome of a certified production cycle that guarantees the absolute naturalness of the original materials.

Compared to quarry stone, marble and granite products, the manufactured materials offer constant quality and superior technical characteristics.
The materials originated from natural geological processes feature important variations in terms of the presence of structural imperfections and of chromatic variations. The computerised management of the production process of PORSLIM slabs guarantees structural quality and random chromatic variations, avoiding repetitiousness, consequently each slab is unique and original, just like quarry materials. Then in second place, the technical characteristics make the materials of PORSLIM much superior compared to quarry products, consequently they are ideal for any use and application, and they are guaranteed not to change in time.

Yes. The chromatic variations of the various slabs are a special qualitative feature that a skilled layer can enhance to obtain unique and unrepeatable projects. The raw materials and the technologies used by PORSLIM to produce its slabs are as near as possible to the random characteristics offered by nature.
To lay the material, we recommend you to contact specialist and qualified layers who are able to enhance and exalt the chromatic features of the slabs in the best possible way.

The marble, stone and granite manufactured by PORSLIM are composed by the same raw materials as natural stone, which are selected carefully in the aim to reproduce in the factory materials of superior technical characteristics.
The slabs manufactured by PORSLIM can be processed just like any marble products actually taken from quarries (see the vein design that crosses the full body).

PORSLIM does not consider necessary to treat the material once it has been laid, because it is resistant to absorption, stains and is easy to clean.

PORSLIM does not recommend this solution because the materials are not easily to be polished once they have been laid due to their waterproof and durability characteristics. Furthermore, by polishing the slabs, you could bring out defects, breakages or imperfections that would be quite difficult to replace economically.

Yes. PORSLIM avails of a team of highly qualified technicians for laying the slabs on floors and walls, who utilise top quality laying material to reach a perfect result, both in terms of appearance and customer satisfaction.
The laying technique of PORSLIM slabs is similar to quarry stone and this is why it is important to pay particular attention to matching the product ideally and to keeping the grouting joints very close together.

Yes. PORSLIM offers its customers a full team of designers, who develop customised laying projects according to specific requirements.
The customised projects, from the simplest to the more complex ones, are created and/or re-elaborated so that they can later be accomplished with extreme precision, using the new water-jet cutting technique.
Skilled personnel assist the designer and show the technical-functional characteristics of the materials manufactured by PORSLIM in order to resolve specific problems as quickly as possible.

The laying can be carried out either using adhesive or cement-based mortar.
When choosing the type of adhesive and the methods of application, it is important to observe the technical specifications of the manufacturer. In areas subject to heavy foot traffic or heavy loads, it is advisable using adhesive for laying.

Traces of cement-based mortar are grouting residues that may be left on the slab surface after it has been laid. This grouting must be removed correctly, otherwise it could attract dirt and cause greater maintenance interventions on the surface later.

The slab should be thoroughly cleaned straight after laying to completely eliminate all cement-based residues deriving from mortar, adhesives and epoxy residues that may occur around the grouting gaps. You need to choose specific products suitable for the different surfaces. Consult the technical data sheets that recommend the different detergents to be used.
Once you have chosen the most suitable detergent, scrub hard and rinse abundantly with water to eliminate any traces leftover.
Thanks to the production process used, the surface of materials manufactured by PORSLIM is basically waterproof. In this way, dirt is unable to penetrate the slab and merely needs to be removed from the surface of the material.
By cleaning the floor adequately you will enhance the aesthetic features of the material used.

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